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Simplifying the Task of Driving to let you hit the road in Style Sans Any Safety Worries.

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The wish of driving a car smoothly is nurtured by many yet accomplishing it completely remains a far-fetched dream. This is mainly due to the lack of guidance or proper instructions. Getting behind the wheels for the first time is highly unnerving and transcending from this stage to the level of a proficient driver requires much toil and support. A complete driver not only displays confidence in leading a motor vehicle to a destination, but also drives fluidly and attentively as per Traffic rules. Drive Auto Driving School, a leading driving school in Irving ensures all this and much more for the aspirers.


We emphasize on defensive driving with the help of our experienced driving instructors.


  • DPS Road Test
  • Personalized Lessons
  • Multilingual Driving Instructors
  • Normal Driving
  • Adult and Teen Driving Lessons

Our Instructor

Proffering Holistic Driving Lessons for the drivers-in-making

A good instructor has the desire to prepare a learner to deal with challenges on the road. We house some of the most approachable, caring and expert driving instructors in Irving that make driving an interesting affair. They provide highly collaborative and interactive environment of learning, imparting all the essentials and evaluating the driving enthusiasts objectively from time to time. With the help of state-of-art teaching tools and techniques, they deliver the most motivational teaching sessions for the driving enthusiasts. An ideal driver needs to tackle various challenges of congestion, uneven roads and weather while not compromising with safety.

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